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Welcome to Elektro, home of the best electronic cigarette. Since 2007, Elektro has continued to strive for providing our customers with the highest quality e-cigarette on the market. To celebrate our 5th year in business we are honored to bring you our newly remodeled Elektro website! If you are one of our many existing customers we would like to thank you all for your loyalty to Elektro and look forward to offering you an even better electronic cigarette experience.


What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic Cigarettes also known an e-cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes are electrical devices that simulate the act of smoking by producing a odorless vapor bearing the physical sensation, the flavor (with or without nicotine), and the appearance of smoking a traditional cigarette.

Benefits of Ecigs

There are a lot of benefits that our customers experience once they switch to a smokeless cigarette. By Replacing the smoke and fire created by cigarettes with a harmless vapor you experience the following benefits:

  • Get Your Freedom Back - By switching to an e-cigarette you can say goodbye to public smoking bans! Electronic Cigarettes are able too be used in any public place including: bars, restaurants, and even airports!
  • Start Saving by Vaping - By switching to a smokeless cigarette you wont have to spend time looking for cheap cigarettes. At an average cost of $2.00 a pack and with no tobacco taxes, you will be saving yourself thousands of dollars from tobacco cigarettes!
  • Live a Smoke Free Life - Once you make the switch to Elektro you can say goodbye to all the carcinogens, toxins, tar, carbon monoxide, smell, and 2nd hand smoke that come with smoking cigarettes! And also say goodbye to those nasty cigarette butts!

How to get Started

Now that you are ready to make the switch you are probably wondering how to get started! If you are new to electronic cigarettes than we suggest that you take some time to review the information above, read our FAQ, or browse the product pages listed on the toolbar above. If you are an existing customer or a new customer familiar with ecigs you can click the "Store" tab at the top of the page and begin shopping. If you have any questions at all, you can contact a product specialist at any time at (800) 886-0516, or through our support page.