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Elektro’s Disposable e-Cigs

Features of Elektro’s 800 Puff Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Our disposable e-cigarettes last for 800 puffs—the highest number of puffs in the industry and the equivalent of four packs of conventional cigarettes. For quick and easy access to nonhazardous, tobacco free cigarettes, look no further than Elektro’s brand of safe, and unique disposable electronic cigarettes. Enjoying the refreshing blast of Elektro’s e-cigs wherever you are has never been easier!

How Do Elektro’s Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Elektro’s customized, handcrafted brand of disposable electronic cigarettes needs no assembly or charger. We use the very best in atomizer technology to deliver that perfect puff with each disposable e-cig. We have also incorporated a cartridge so the disposable e-cigarette will feel even more like a traditional cigarette. Your disposable e-cig is ready for use right out of the box! Made to be user friendly and convenient, just smoke and dispose.

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Disposable Electronic Cigarette Flavors

We offer the choice of tobacco or menthol flavors and a nicotine strength of 16mg or 8mg in each disposable e-cigarette. These compact, portable disposable electronic cigarettes make smoking safely easier than ever!  

Juicy Grape

Elektro’s juicy Grape flavor promises a full, rich flavor that will burst in your mouth. For a change from the traditional tobacco flavor, Elektro’s Grape flavor is sure to please.
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Sweet Strawberry

For the berry lover in you, choose Elektro’s unique brand of sweet Strawberry flavored cartridges. With a sweet and tasty tang, the fruity Strawberry flavor is sure to please your sweet tooth!
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Exotic Vanilla

Our exotic vanilla flavored cartridges are available in High, Lite, Ultra Lite and Zero Strength nicotine levels.
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